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Worx WG801.9 20V Power Share 4″ Cordless Shear and 8″ Shrubber Trimmer (Tool Only)

Worx WG801.9 20V Power Share 4″ Cordless Shear and 8″ Shrubber Trimmer (Tool Only)

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The Worx 20V Shrubber/Shear is designed to quickly trim bushes . shrubs . and hedges in-between regular maintenance . so you don’t have to get out the big . bulky . full-size hedge trimmer for just some touch-up work. At only 2 lbs you just grab this tool and go and quickly take care of that bush in the corner that’s looking a little shaggy . or those few blades around that tree that maybe got missed over the weekend. This tool is equipped with enough functionality . though . that you could use this as your regular hedge trimmer if you were so inclined. Featuring two quick-change blades: a 4?? blade for grass trimming and an 8?? blade for shrubs . with a max cut capacity of 5/16?? and a no-load speed of 1100/min . there’s enough design and power to keep an entire yard looking crisp and clean. The dual-action blades slice twice . making sure to catch every leaf and twig. And the soft-grip over-mold handle is easy to grasp and use for extended periods without causing significant hand fatigue. This particular model doesn’t come with a battery . it’s meant for Worx Power Share users that already have a few batteries lying around at home. See . when you’re on the Power Share platform . you don’t need as many batteries . because you can share them between tools. So when you buy a new tool . you pay less because you don’t need to buy a new battery.

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