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Ninjago Accessory Set LEGO 853544

Ninjago Accessory Set LEGO 853544

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Team up with Tournament Zane and Samurai X to take on the sky pirate foot soldiers with this awesome LEGO NINJAGO Accessory Set! A great gift for fans of LEGO NINJAGO building sets . the 4 included minifigures are armed with an array of cool weapons and accessories to play out epic battles.

Includes 4 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessory elements: Tournament Zane . Samurai X and 2 sky pirate foot soldiers.
Weapons include Samurai X’s golden shuriken and Samurai spear . Zane’s golden shuriken and ice-staff . and the sky pirates’ big pirate sword . 2 pirate swords and pistol.
Also includes the sky pirates’ torch accessory element.

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