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Adult Mountain Bikes: 29 inch Aluminum Mountain Bike, Shimano 21 Speed Mountain Bicycle Dual Disc Brakes for Adult Teenagers Mens Womens

Adult Mountain Bikes: 29 inch Aluminum Mountain Bike, Shimano 21 Speed Mountain Bicycle Dual Disc Brakes for Adult Teenagers Mens Womens

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About this item??Lightweight Aluminum Frame?? Frame material isan important factor in how enjoyable a bike is. It has a lightweight anddurable aluminum frame that improves comfort and achieves a modern look. Greatlooks are one of this bike’s main traits . but it is also pretty well-equipped for this price.??Popular 29 Inch Tires?? The main benefit of the larger wheels is that they can get overrocks and bumps more easily and can cover more distance per pedal revolution.It has wide knobby mountain tires . which are wide enough for off-road ridingbut not too wide for road commutes.??SHIMANO 21-speeds?? This bike has a 21-speed drivetrain so you don’t need toworry whether or not you’ll have the right gear for a steep climb. Designed with optical geardisplay indicator to show you the gear position. Ergonomic design for morecomfortable operation.??Excellent Braking System?? It has 29?? wheels anddisc brakes which allows you to negotiate obstacles and stop quickly. It’sfront and rear mechanical disc brakes that inspire confidence and stability. Alight single-fingertip pull is all that’s required in the wettest conditions onthe steepest downhills.??86% Pre-installed???? The Elecony Mountain Bike arrives 86% assembled. The bike can befully assembled with ease with the help of tutorial videos . and we are morethan happy to help with any problems you may have during the assembly process. Elecony . specializing in bicycles and components . strives to bring you the highest performance bike with the best componentsElecony Ares definitely fits the (small) bill. The Ares is an aluminum alloy hardtail . so it’s lightweight and easy to handle. It also comes with dual disc brakes and a decent Shimano drivetrain . a bike at this cost point with decent quality disc brakes isn’t easy to find. That’s why it’s our Best 29-Inch Mountain Bike Value pick. About install:1. 86% of the bicycle has been assembled. You need to install pedals . front wheels . handlebars and inflate the tires.2. Rotate the front fork 180 degrees before assembling the front wheel (the brake will be in front of the bicycle)3. The left and right pedal threads are different. The spindle of each pedal is marked with an L/R mark to ensure that they are assembled in the correct position.The right side pedal has right-hand threads. The left pedal has left-hand threads.Use a tool to screw the two pedals into the crank arm as much as possible.4. All tools are included in the package . no additional tools.For detailed assembly information . please watch our assembly video.

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